Happy Anniversary Card

Anniversary CardMy husband and I have an ongoing game of ‘You’re not keeping that are you? What do you want that for?’   I am exasperated by his need to keep car brochures from the 1980s and he wonders why I collect confetti hearts from tables at weddings.  Well this is why, dear husband.

The hearts on this card were cut out last summer.  I had volunteered to do it for my sister since I was on maternity leave but my husband ended up doing most of it due my greedy son and his need for milk.  You can’t really cut out confetti with a heart punch when you’re trying to breastfeed! The hearts were then sprinkled all over the tables at my sister’s wedding reception.  Just before the caterers cleared the room I grabbed a few handfuls of hearts from the tables and put them in my handbag ready for this year when I made them their first anniversary card.

Obviously I didn’t leave them in my handbag but transferred them to an envelope and put them away safely with all of my crafting supplies.  I’m pretty impressed that they survived a house move and reappeared in time for their anniversary!


3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Card

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