10 Amazing Bullet Journal Ideas for March

Do you need a little inspiration for your March theme in your Bullet Journal. Here’s a round up of ideas that you may want to use to inspire your doodles!

March 1st is Pancake Day – easydrawingguides.com has a great tutorial to help you doodle!


St David is the patron saint of Wales, celebrated on 1st March, and their national symbol is the daffodil – such cheerful flowers that tell us spring is on the way!

The 3rd March is World Book Day where parents of school age children either enthusiastically join in the dressing up parade or groan inwardly at having to get another costume sorted! Diary of a Journal Planner shares some simple book doodles.

3rd March is also World Wildlife Day so be inspired by Sarah Ranae Clark’s amazing flowers – using her tutorial you too can draw the design in the picture below:


The 8th March is International Women’s Day, a worldwide day to promote women’s rights and celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Monika Zagrobelna shares an amazingly detailed tutorial to help inspire some great drawings.


17th March is St. Patrick’s day, celebrating the patron saint of Ireland. My kids love the tutorials by Arts for Kids Hub – they’re so easy to follow!

Art for Kids Hub

18th March is Global Recycling Day so you may wish to set yourself a challenge in your journal of using recycled materials to create your journal pages. Helen at Journal with Purpose shared a blog post of ideas for using recycled products in your journal.

19th March is World Sleep Day so be inspired by Doodle Journey’s cute sleepy moon.

Doodle Journey

21st March is World Poetry day so quote some verse in your journal or be inspired by quill and ink doodles! Super Easy Drawing shares this tutorial:

Super Easy Drawing

29th March is Piano Day – it takes place on the 88th day of the year as there are 88 keys on a piano! Be inspired by Frank Rodgers and create a musical doodle.

I’ve been inspired by World Wildlife Day so keep an eye on my Instagram feed to see my March theme!