April Zentangle Mischief

April 2016 Zentangle Mischief challenge.jpg

Wow!  I was overcome by the number of people who joined in with the Zentangle Inspiration challenge during March and I’ve had requests for a new one for April.  Never one to disappoint, I bring you April Zentangle Mischief.

The idea, once again, is to inspire you into a little creative expression every day.  Some of the participants last month did this in their bullet journals like I do, others in sketch books and others on whatever random bit of paper they found.  I’ll being doing a round up of the posts shared on Instagram using the hashtag from the March challenge later in the week.

You’ll notice that all of the words this month have a wedding theme.  I know April isn’t traditionally a month that many think of when planning a wedding, but I did (long school holiday) and I celebrate six years of wedded bliss this month!

You’ll also notice that the hashtag has changed to #zentanglemischief.  That’s partly so that it fits in with this website and my Instagram username, but also so that it’s a bit quicker to type!

I look forward to seeing what you create!