Five Things Friday: Homemade Christmas Cards

There’s now less than 3 months to go until Christmas is upon us!  Better get making some cards otherwise we’ll never get them done in time to send to the far flung corners of the world where our friends are!  Here’s some inspiration to get you going.

1.  Craft and Creativity has these ideas for cards.  Google will translate the site for you if you ask it nicely!

2.  A Spoonful of Sugar has these stitched designs.

Homemade Christmas cards

3.  Trendypics shares this jingle bell card – wouldn’t the postman love a sackful of these!

4.  Hand On As We Grow has these fingerprint cards which any grandparent would love to receive.

Homemade cards (wallpaper samples and small crafting jewels)

5.  Happy Hooligans shares loads of great ideas for cards.



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