Five Things Friday: Christmas Wreath Ideas

Until recently we’ve lived on a very busy road with a lot of foot traffic and I didn’t dare to put a Christmas wreath outside as I didn’t think it would last more than five minutes!  Now we’ve moved to a quiet residential street so I’m going to make a wreath for our door, here’s some inspiration.

Candy Cane Wreath

1.  Beverly’s has this candy cane wreath.

2.  Sadie Priss has this Pottery Barn inspired Snowflake Wreath

3.  Seasons of Joy has this classy wreath.

4.  Matt and Becky have this colourful wreath.

XXL Ho Ho Ho Santa Wreath - 36" red mesh deco with white glitter letters, black mesh belt with silver glitter buckle

5. Wine and Wreaths has this Santa inspired wreath in her Etsy shop.


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