Three Projects from a Jelly Roll – Quilt Number 1

In the process of clearing out my craft area ready for our house move I found this jelly roll.  It’s been sat there for a long time judging by this photo since that wall in the background hasn’t been green for quite some time now!  A couple of my friends have recently had baby girls so I thought these were perfect colours to make a quilt for each new arrival.

This quilt was made for baby Katrin, the daughter of one of my university friends.  I started with the red square with white polka dots in the centre and worked out in a clockwise direction sewing each piece on as I went.  Unfortunately I’d recently bought some generic sewing machine needles which were a bit rubbish so it was very slow going as I managed to break five needles and say a lot of naughty words!    Quilt 2 to follow next week!


One thought on “Three Projects from a Jelly Roll – Quilt Number 1

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