A bright idea!

Duvet cover recycling beforeWhen we were decorating little B’s new bedroom we were given some very useful things.  One of these was a toddler bed from my sister in law.  We’ve not braved the move into the new bed yet (we tried and spectacularly failed a few weeks ago and we’re currently summoning up the courage to try again!) so he still has his cot but he’s enjoying his new duvet.

I was given one cover for the duvet and needed another.  I can’t manage to wash, dry and return the cover within the day so I have to rotate.   I’d planned to use up some of the sheeting in my stash to make him a new duvet cover, but nothing was really big enough.  But as I’d searched I’d found an old double duvet cover that I think my sister had when she was at university over 10 years ago.  The lazy sewer in me thought this was perfect as it meant I didn’t have to sew on the popper tape and I only had to sew two seams!  Magic!

Duvet cover recycling after