Five Things Friday: Holiday Activities for Children to Keep Their Brains in Gear

As a teacher there is nothing worse than spending the first couple of weeks with your new class reminding them how to actually pick up a pencil and write because they’ve forgotten over the long summer break!  I’m not saying that they need to be doing formal work every day of the holidays, but it doesn’t hurt them (or us poor teachers) if they do a little bit to keep their hand in (if you’d excuse the pun!).  Here are some sites to inspire you to keep your kids learning but with activities so fun that they hopefully won’t even notice they are!

1. Kids Activity Blog has some great ideas, I especially like the planner shown in the picture above which could also be used  in a journal format.

sticker activities

2. The Pleasantest Thing has this great idea using stickers to inspire story writing.  I think I’ll steal this idea for the first week back as an activity for my class to do in groups.

summer bucket list

3. Pin Me Or Pin Me Not has this bucklist printable – they’ve got to write it to be able to do it!

4. Hello Mrs Sykes shares the journals she made with her kids.  These are especially good for children who are just beginning to write.

Hand-Drawn Holiday Postcards 1

5. Kate’s Creative Space has these postcard printables if you’re not going anywhere where you could buy one.  Grandparents would love to receive these!