Five Things Friday – Children’s Birthday Cakes

So Little B will be 3 next week. 3! How on earth did that happen. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since he arrived, albeit ever so slightly earlier than planned! This weekend I will be making 3 sets of birthday cakes which, with him and his little brother demanding my attention seems like complete insanity! Here’s some inspiration for children’s birthday cakes, little B would really like number 3, I don’t fancy his chances if Baby T doesn’t play nicely!

1.  Three Little Things shares this cute teddy bear cake.

Owl Cake made from Round Cake Pans

2. My Inner Need To Create has this owl cake created from two circular cakes.

3. Help for Teachers shares various Minion cakes with useful links to video tutorials.

4. From My Kitchen To Yours has this cute lion cake with cupcakes for the mane.

3 birthday cake

5. Enchanted Mommy shows off a cake made by her friend.  So effective!