Five Things Friday: Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Each Christmas I always buy or make (depending on how organised I am) each member of my class a little something to go home with on the last day of term which is generally something that they’ll find useful in the classroom next term.  As a teacher it’s always nice to receive a little token from the kids too and, although you can’t go wrong with wine or chocolates, I always prefer a little homemade something.   Here’s some inspiration for things your child’s teacher would probably love to receive.

 Kid Craft Sharpie Artwork on Mug

1. The best present I ever received from a pupil was a personalised mug with a lovely message written in Sharpie pen.  Cleverly Simple has instructions for making your own version – take note of the comment about using oil based Sharpies; I had a disaster once when I used the ordinary ones.

Back to School: Personalized Clipboards by Just a GIrl and Her Blog

2. Just a Girl has these personalised clipboards.  I use about three clipboards on rotation during the day at school but they’re all very dull.  These would be far more pleasurable to use!

3. Paper & Stitch has this dry wipe picture frame which I’d find really useful on my desk.  It would put an end to the confetti of post it notes that are strewn across the desk on a regular basis!

4. Jessie Kay Makes has these cute handwarmers using some gorgeous Cath Kidston fabric.  Anyone who has ever had to suffer playground duty in the winter would love a pair of these to hide in their pockets!

how to make a personalized tote bag

5. Woman’s Day shares this monogrammed tote bag.  I always end up bringing piles of paperwork or marking home with me and this lightweight, yet strong, bag would be perfect.