Five Things Friday: Autumn Crafts

Autumn is on it’s way and here’s some Autumn (Fall) themed crafts to get you inspired.

Collection autumn imprint - sharing production plant deciduous creative ideas

1.  Duitang has this great idea for using craft stampers.  The page is in Chinese, but the pictures are pretty self explanatory!


2.  Cookies and Cups has these ‘two’ ingredient pumpkin brownies.  One of the ingredients is a packet of brownie mix which I’m a bit of a snob about but each to their own!

Felt leaves

3.  Lilfishstudios has these felt leaves to be used as coasters.

4. Red Ted Art has these pine cone characters.  They made me smile!

decoupage candle

5. The Kids Activity Blog has these candle jars.




One thought on “Five Things Friday: Autumn Crafts

  1. hi there! this is konica…i read your posts,they are super awesome and your creativity is beyond truely are a great crafter…keep up the beautiful creations…they are really incredible.
    do check my blog and let me know your views.


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