Peanut Butter Cookies – no flour required!

I write this in the middle of our current lockdown. Actually, it might be more accurate to say ‘in the midst of’ as we’ve been in lockdown for 5 weeks already and we don’t know how much longer we’ll be here.

To begin with I was really anxious about lockdown. The thought of being at home with the kids all day whilst trying to teach them something/ make sure they didn’t stare at screens all day/ stop them from killing each other and try to work from home filled me with dread. We’ve found some kind of groove now and we’re taking each day as it comes. I’ve revised my self-imposed expectations and I’m happy if they learn anything/ get dressed/ see the sunlight!

One of the good things about being home all day is the time to bake. Our BBC Good Food magazine arrived this week and my 5 year old immediately armed himself with post-it notes and chose all the things he wanted to make. Normally, he can’t find too many things he wants to try. But, as you can see by the number of flags poking out of the magazine in the photo above, he’s spoilt for choice this month.

First on his list was a rather delicious looking cake, however flour is currently in very short supply, so cakes are currently out of the question! Next on his wishlist were these Peanut Butter Cookies which have only 4 ingredients; peanut butter, sugar, salt and an egg. We’ve got plenty of those at the moment. The method can be found here.

20 minutes after we started we were enjoying delicious cookies while we decided what to cook next.