Hurrah for the Formula 1 – Jelly Roll Quilt Number 2

My husband loves to watch the Formula 1 races on the TV and baby B seems to be following in his footsteps!  Baby B seems to love car programmes, so the Grand Prix and Top Gear provide me with some welcome quiet time when I can disappear off upstairs and start sewing.  This quilt is the product of the Grand Prix from Austin, Texas and (appropriately) a gift for some friends who are off to live in the States.  Unfortunately, when we moved, I cancelled Sky Sports and only about five of the races are shown on the BBC, so my sewing time might become severely limited!

Once again the jelly roll was used to produce another quilt (quilt one is here) and there’s still enough left to produce another project.  This next project will have to wait as the remaining jelly roll is still packed in a box (labelled, I’m so organised!) from the move.   Must unpack the craft cave!


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