Five Things Friday: Re-purposed Suitcases

I have a beautiful trunk that my Grandma left to me that contained all her earthly possessions when she moved from France to England to marry my Grandpa in 1948 and my mum has an old suitcase that contains all her important papers.  Unfortunately I don’t have any suitcases belonging to me that are as beautiful as these but I’m quite sure a scout around some vintage shops would come up trumps!

suitcase drawers 6

1. James Plumb designed these suitcase drawer units.

2.  Black&Eiffel has this cute knitting gift set – how amazing would a whole suitcase full of wool be?!

Suitcase Chair – Leather case/yellow knit

3.    Recreate has this cute seat.

4.   Design Sponge has a tutorial for this vintage coffee table.

cupcake baking kit = great handmade gift

5.  Bake It Pretty has this gorgeous cupcake themed gift idea.


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