Five Things Friday: Sharpie Crafts

I got thoroughly fed up of the ‘Where’s the Sharpie gone?’ conversation that we had about a million times, (well ok 140, I counted the boxes) before we moved.  I was so organised as it was the only way I could cope and every box was marked with which room it was going into in the new house and a short description of the contents.

I took this more seriously than my darling husband.  Mine said things like ‘shoes from the utility room cupboard’ or ‘Baby toys’.  My darling husband thought it was funny to put things like ‘Claire’s rubbish CD collection’ or ‘Random stuff to be sorted’.  As the move got more and more stressful, these descriptions were not really helping!

Fortunately we eventually moved and my blood pressure significantly reduced and all of the boxes found their way to the right room… they’ve not quite all been unpacked yet, but we’re getting there!

Here are some crafts that would put my now neglected Sharpie to good use.

Sharpie dishes tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

1.  A Beautiful Mess has a tutorial for these drinks mugs.

2.  Dear Lillie has these Christmas cushions but the idea could be easily adapted.

3.  CraftyCPA  has this Sharpie bag, won’t be needing it myself, I only have one Sharpie, hence the conversation above!

4.  Curbly has a tutorial on how to customise a lampshade using a Sharpie.

5.  Giverslog has a tutorial for making these rather pretty welly boots.


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