Cupcake Apron for a Baking Themed Present

I’ve had to wait for quite a while to be able to post this!  My sister’s birthday was in November but I had to wait to  post this as she didn’t get her present on her birthday.  Events conspired to mean that she didn’t come home for her birthday so she had to wait for her present!

She’d put a whole load of present ideas on a wish list which were mainly baking themed.  I chose some items and decided to make her an appropriately themed apron to complete her little present stash.

I used an apron that I already had in the kitchen as my pattern but made the neck loop sightly smaller as it drives me nuts when you constantly have to hitch the top half up as you’re cooking.  To make sure the curved hem up to the neckline as neat I cut notches into the curve so that it would sew up neatly.


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