Five Things Friday: Laundry Room Ideas

We moved into this house knowing that we’d have to do a lot of work on it so it became our home.  We’ve got a whole list of things that need doing; some of these are fairly major and involve knocking down walls and some are just a question of a spot of decorating.  The jobs will need to be tackled in a particular order so that we don’t end up repeating work like we needed to in the old house.  The laundry room is the first room to be tackled.  It’s like a cave at the moment; it’s so dark and cramped, so we plan to move an internal wall and and replace the rather decrepit boiler.

Here’s some inspiration for ideas I might include.

1. Inspiration for Moms has this fold out drying rack .

2. Decorganize has this pegboard for the eternal problem of odd socks!

laundry basket square

3. Infarrantly Creative has this idea for a mobile set of baskets that you could use to sort the washing into different loads.

Slim Slide Out Cart <br>Put that extra sliver of space to work.

4. Solutions has this slide out shelving unit, wouldn’t be too hard to make a customised version for our home.

Washing Bag for Baby B's Nursery

5. My laundry bag for Baby B’s nursery is working so well I may have to make some for our bedroom!


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