You’re a sewing person…

“You’re a sewing person…” my friend from work said to me.   I love it when a conversation starts this way, it means I have a good reason to get creative!  She explained that her daughter had a Ladyshave that, however hard she tried, would not go back into the box for storage.  “Can you make her a little drawstring bag?” she asked, of course I can, what a silly question! It was so quick and easy to make that I made one for her son too – didn’t want him to feel left out!

You will need:

♦ two pieces of contrasting fabric measuring 20x55cm.

♦ 80cm drawstring cord.

Iron a 1/2cm hem along the long sides of each piece of material.

Place the material right sides facing and pin along the two short sides..  Sew a seam as shown in the picture. Repeat at the other end.

Unpin and refold the fabric so that the right sides of the yellow face the yellow and the same for the pink.  Sew along the lines shown in red.  Make sure you leave a 2.5cm gap between the end of the sewing and the edge of the fabric which is joined to the other colour.

Unpin and turn the fabric through to the right side through the gap.  Sew along the line shown in red on each side of the bag – only sew through two layers NOT all four!  Thread your drawstring cord through each side and tie the ends together.

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