Sunday Scribblings: Pleasure says that one of the meanings of the word pleasure is ‘worldly or frivolous enjoyment’.  Ooooh, that sounds good.  Frivolous enjoyment, guilty pleasures; we all have them and we probably don’t indulge in them enough!

One guilty pleasure of mine is mindless TV.  I work in a fairly stressful job and my brain is constantly working all day as there’s very little down time, so when I get home I like a bit of mindless entertainment.  America’s Next Top Model and Come Dine With Me are prime examples – TV you don’t have to concentrate on and you can cook dinner or do a little marking whilst watching them.   Don’t judge me!

Another of my guilty pleasures is Stumbleupon; who knew there were so many websites dedicated to making your own peanut butter and chocolate confection or endless inspiration for making things.  I can spend hours when I really should be doing something far more productive having a look at random things.

Just another thing that gives me pleasure…numbers, I’m a maths teacher so it helps!  I particularly like graphs and big numbers, especially ones with lots of zeros at the end!  I was looking at my stats pages and noticed I had reached another milestone – 2000 views!

Thanks everyone for having a look and seeing how I’ve been keeping myself out of mischief!  Here’s to the next 1000!  I wonder if I’ll get there before I hit the 100 post mark?

Thanks also to anyone who’s left a comment; I love to read your thoughts and I’m trying to reply to each and every one of you!


12 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings: Pleasure

  1. Not so hot on the mindless TV, but I like numbers, problem is they don’t like me!
    I’ve just been looking at Fermat’s last Theorem – and I can’t even understand the SOLUTION!!


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