The Best Thing Today


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In the past I’ve participated in various social media challenges to bring gratitude and positivity into my life.  These have included 100 Happy Days on Facebook and My Best Thing Today.   After a particularly stressful and exhausting first term back at work after my second (and final!) maternity leave I decided that I wanted to find a way of recording the positive things each day.  To begin with I was recording this on my weekly spread (you can see it in the final layout here) but, since I keep my bullet journal open on my desk at work, I didn’t really want to keep such a personal list on display all of the time in front of the children in my class.

The Best Thing Today.jpg

I decided to do a layout similar to my monthly future planning spread.  This spread allows me to jot down a couple of events from each day that I want to remember.  When I’m having a bad day, I just look back and see that life isn’t so bad after all!


How do you keep positivity in your life?



3 thoughts on “The Best Thing Today

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