Five Things Friday: Healthy Dinners

5TF Healthy Dinners.jpg

Ahhh, tea time.  Possibly my favourite time of the day.  Getting a meal on the table whilst the toddler is racing around the house releasing pent up energy from a day at pre-school and the one-year old is becoming more hungry by the second!  Yep, definitely the best of times! What is making life easier (or beginning to) is that everyone can now eat the same food.  Notice that says ‘can’, not ‘will’.

Here’s some inspiration for getting a healthy meal into your family without a great deal of effort!


  1. My little people would eat this treat from @gimmesomeoven.



2. @budgetbytes has loads of gorgeous budget ideas.


This is what (the bottom half of) my book looks like 😀 x

A photo posted by Jack Monroe (@jackmonroe__) on

3. @jackmonroe_.  Her BBQ sauce is the best in the world!

It's late, but it's done (on my new bigger chalkboard!) #mealplan

A photo posted by Lisa Leake (@100daysofrealfood) on

4. Lisa @100daysofrealfood  has great ideas for feeding a family.

5. @playfulcooking  shares some great ideas for traditional Indian food.


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