Five Things Friday: Healthy Packed Lunches

5TF Packed lunches.jpg

Packed lunches are the bane of my life.  When we’ve finished getting the kids to bed, it’s the last thing I want to do, but I have to get them done in the evenings as we never have enough time in the mornings.  I find myself starting each new term with lovely ideas of exciting things to put in our lunch boxes but, by about the third week, I find myself returning to boring staples.  Here’s some inspiration for creating healthy packed lunches for your family to take to school or work.

  1. @mymunchbox has some great ideas and I love these lunchboxes with the little built in compartments.  I’d be interested to know if these were sealed in some way to stop them mixing.

Hi guys. So we're having a fab time in York having spent our first night in our caravan – so cosy ❤ for my picnic lunches this weekend i made a big batch of my Mediterranean quinoa salad… i always take lunches with me on days out as theres often little choice for gluten free veggie meals. And this salad is bursting with flavour and nutrition so I was more than happy with a bowl of this and a sneaky piece of pb caramel slice for pudding 😄 you'll find the recipe for this on my blog – address in bio. I hope you're all having a fab weekend ❤😚 #food #wholefoods #chalkboardeats #lunch #packedlunch #plantpower #glutenfree #vegetarian #noms #feedfeed #foodglooby #beautifulcuisines #foodporn #foodphotography #veganfood #nutrition #cleaneating #insta #instafood #instagram #buzzfeedfood #fitfam #mykitchen #yuminthetumrepost

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2. @the_artful_foodie has some beautiful photos on her account, many of which could be adapted to be packed for lunch.

3.  @tracylovescake1_sw has lots of great food ideas which are linked to Slimming World points.

4. @momandmonster  has these creative lunches – I don’t think I’d have the patience to make them though!

5.  At this time of year, my favourite lunch is soup that I can heat up at work.  @the_nutritionistt shares this infographic for the perfect soup.


What’s your favourite lunch to pack to take to work?



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