Diary Pen Holder

Diary Pen HolderOne of my pet hates at work is not having a pen to hand.  I walk around with my diary in my hand like it’s some kind of security blanket and record absolutely everything in it – I used to have a diary, a notebook, a desk jotting pad and about a million post-it notes floating about my person but found I was a disorganised mess most of the time so I have streamlined – will blog about this soon.    I tried having a pen on a string around my neck but found that I was either bashing the children around the head with it whenever I leaned over their work or forgetting to even put it around my neck at the start of the day.  I pinned this idea recently and decided to have a go with a few scraps from my stash.   The more eagle eyed among you will recognise this material from the goodie bags I made for my sister’s hen do.  I’ve been using it for a month now and have never been without a pen and so many people have asked me to make them one- RESULT!


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