Bank Holiday Gathering

My side of the family live too far apart.  We’re spread across the country so have to travel some distance to see one another.  Last week I went down to stay with my youngest sister and her family and this week both sisters have brought their families home to see us.  We all pile into our house and my parents’ and spend the days entertaining small children and catching up.

Today we had a lovely afternoon at the park trying to keep track of the mobile ones and when we returned home, with a picnic planned for tomorrow, my sister said some of my favourite words “Shall we do some cooking?”  What a ridiculous questions, of course we will!

It’s been a baking fest but you’re going to have to wait to see the results – small children can’t bath themselves!  But just to tempt your tastebuds: banana and honey loaf and squash muffins will be posted sometime soon .  I may even get around to some cheese swirls and some breadmaking (in the breadmaker, not enough hours left today for doing it properly!).


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