Five Things Friday: Useful inspiration for teachers

We’ve just gone past the mid-point of the summer holidays and my thought shave begun to turn to my new job.  I can’t really get started with classroom organisation yet as I’m working part of my timetable as a job share so have to wait for my colleague so that we can plan together.  These are my favourite teaching websites for ideas and resources (in no particular order).

1.  Teacher’s Pet has loads of lesson resources and display posters.  

2. TES has jobs, resources and community forums.

3. Primary Resources has content devised by the users.  Lots of resources that you know have been road tested in the classroom.  

4. Teachers Pay Teachers is a similar set up to Primary Resources but is based in the US so you have to be a bit careful in the UK due to the spelling used!

5. Starter of the Day is one I keep returning to, great for putting up on the whiteboard as extension activities.  




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