Travel Changing Mat

Travel changing mat

I know that seems like a slightly strange thing to call this project as by their nature, most changing mats sold in changing bags are fairly portable, but needs must!

I’m fed up of carrying around a massive changing bag and I don’t need to carry around so many things for Billy now he’s a bit older and his food can go in his lunch bag.  I  bought a small rucksack from Trespass that’s like the Dr Who Tardis.  It looks small from the outside but I’ve managed to squash in a change of clothes, a couple of nappies and pack of wipes, a bottle of sun tan lotion, a hat, a snack pot and a drink.  The only thing that was missing was a changing mat. I’m a bit funny about using communal changing mats in public places and would rather I had something to put over it as I’m never sure how clean they are.  I decided to make this thin changing mat from two rectangles of fabric which measured 35cm by 65 cm.  I didn’t put any wadding in as I didn’t want to add bulk and the idea is that I will always end up using it on top of another mat.  It won’t harm him to have the odd change in less than 5 star comfort!   The little bag was made from the same fabric as the backing and the mat just slips into it.  Perfect!


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