Five Things Friday: Cushions to show you love someone!

I can’t wait to get decorating our house, but we learnt from all the work we did at the old place to have some order to the work we’re carrying out so that we don’t start something and have to go back and redo it in the future because other work has wrecked it (expensive mistake with the old lounge carpet…).  I’m looking forward to all the soft furnishings once all the messy work has been done.  Here’s some cushion inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.

Heart Cushion - love

1. Lovemaki has this simple, but very effective, cushion.

"Love" cushions

2.  Mercury Handmade has these fabric painted linen cushions.

'Love & Happiness' Cushions

3. Retreat Home has this set which I would hand sew rather than using bias tape.

4. Luv Decorating shares this country inspired cushion from Living Inside.


5. Elise Gow Photography shares this Scrabble inspired set.  The wedding photos on this blog are gorgeous!




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