Cheating :-(

It’s not often that shop bought cake finds its way into our house, but it’s been a very strange couple of weeks.  I had wonderful plans for my Easter break.  Having gone back to work, albeit part time, I was definitely ready for a break and wanted to spend it doing fun stuff with baby B rather than working.  I had penciled in some time for meeting friends, cooking and crafting.  My son and husband, however, had other ideas.

It wasn’t their fault, they both got poorly with a nasty stomach bug and so all my plans went to pot.  After a couple of days visiting my sister and her family we came back to a house full of germs and I spent a week running around after to poorly boys and doing an endless pile of washing.  There’s nothing like a stomach bug to stop you from wanting to set foot in the kitchen!

My Dad, aka the ‘shopping fairy’ brought me round some ‘essentials’, a huge bag of goodies including cake, biscuits and naughty treats.  What an angel!  It was a pretty nice walnut cake but not as good as my own – she says modestly 😉     I can’t wait to get back in the kitchen, but now I’m back at work full time, baking will have to wait for weekend nap times!  I’ll have to get baking, baby B has some brand spanking new teeth that he needs to put to good use!


One thought on “Cheating :-(

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