Five Things Friday: Table Tents

As a child there was nothing we enjoyed more than making a den under the dining room table on a rainy day.  We’d gather some old sheets and blankets and hang them over the top under we were completely hidden underneath.  We’d then drag all sorts of things in there to play with.  I love these ideas as inspiration but I wonder if they would limit imaginative play, our den could become anything, these are slightly more limited, I enjoyed looking at them for inspiration though – I’ve got an ugly Ikea dining room table that has seen better days and needs something doing to it before it can go in the playroom!

Card Table Playhouse, Royal Blue Double Delight, Pickable Flowers, Custom Order, Personalized

1. Missprettypretty has these gorgeous houses for sale in her Etsy shop, you can even pick the flowers!  She also has patterns you can buy so that you can make your own.

2. Meaningful Mama has this homemade cottage, her girls look like they are enjoying their tea party in it!

3.  Utah County Mom has this fire station tent.

4.  Old Days – Old Ways has this circus themed play tent.

5.  Ikatbag has this idea using telescopic tension poles – ideal if you’ve not got room for a table – this one fits in a hallway.



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