Five Things Friday: Wine Cork Ideas

Tis the season to be jolly!  I’ll be drinking in moderation this Christmas as I’m still feeding Baby B, but there will no doubt be quite a few wine corks as a result of the festivities so here’s some inspiration of how you could use them – you might need some help to get enough corks for some of the projects – don’t want anyone falling over!

1.  The Corner Apartment has this cork heart.  I love the way the natural colour of the wine is used to produce the shaded effect.

2.   Style Baggage has these magnetic cork planters for tiny, tiny plants!

Heart Wine Cork Wall Decor and Bulletin Board

3.  Lizzie Joe Designs has this memo board in her Etsy store.

DIY Wine cork bath mat

4. Craftynest has this wine cork bath mat.  

5.  Living Savvy has this cork wreath.


2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Wine Cork Ideas

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