Dribble Bibs

My nephew is a bit of a dribbler!  He’s thinking about teething and he seems to be permanently dribbling everywhere!  A bib was in order and I thought I’d do a tutorial as it’s ages since I last did one.



First I created a template as shown above – great use for an old cereal box!  I forgot to allow for seams with this template.




Place the template on the fold of the material and draw around it – remember to leave a seam allowance!



Cut out a piece from an absorbent fabric and from a ‘fun’ fabric.  I used a tea towel from Dunelm Mill as I was experimenting and some wadding type fabric as the absorbent bit of material.  I’m going to experiment with toweling and fleece fabrics next – I’ll let you know how they turn out!  Sew the halves of a popper on the top left corner of each of the pieces.

Place right sides together and sew around the edges leaving a short gap along one side – I left between the pins for my gap.

Turn the bib the right way and use a knitting needle to push the corners out.  Carefully fold in the the hem where the gap is and sew all the way around as shown in the top photo.




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