Five Things Friday: Lolly Stick Crafts

I always have a supply of lolly sticks in my desk at school.  They’re really useful for craft ideas and for giving pupils choices.  Here’s some great ideas I’ve found that are really simple – will they inspire you?

1. Tot Treasures has this idea for putting velcro dots on the end of lolly sticks so that your child can practice making shapes and letters.

2. I actually use an idea similar to this from Journey of a Substitute Teacher for a quick reminder of all the different time fillers I use to keep my students occupied.

3. Bored and Crafty has a tutorial for this on Design Sponge.

4. Cachey Mama’s Classroom has this idea for counting sticks.

5. Sorry to remind you that Christmas is just around the corner, but A Student At Mama University has this idea for a cute little nativity scene.


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