Bertie’s Quilt

I seem to have started a bit of a tradition that means I give every new baby a quilt!  They’re so useful though!  Mine has acted as quilt (obviously!), play mat and ‘keeping it dark in the car seat in the hope baby B stays asleep’ cover!  I made this quilt in the usual way. I’m not being very brave about new techniques at the moment, a) because I’ve not got the time anymore to sit and sew all day and (b) I’m too tired most of the time to concentrate – nice mindless crafts are the way forward!  In fact this one was so mindless that I ended up cutting out so many squares that I had enough for two quilts; one for Bertie and one for baby B!

I used some fabric that I had left over from making some drawstring bags absolutely ages ago and the different blues were basic cotton sheeting from Dunelm Mill.




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