Underwater Nursery Theme


Throughout my pregnancy I’d been looking forward to decorating the nursery.  I didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl so I didn’t want to do a blue or pink theme just in case, even though I’d been completely convinced I was having a boy throughout the whole pregnancy.

My mum found some lovely underwater themed material at her house and gave it to me as she didn’t have a use for it (why she bought it in the first place is beyond me!).  I accepted it with open arms and put it in the sewing room ready for when I began my maternity leave.  Unfortunately, baby B had other ideas!  He came along just days after I started my leave so I didn’t get a chance to do anything with the material until he was a little bit older.

We’d decided while I was pregnant that I would give up my sewing room for his nursery and have a sewing corner in our spare bedroom.  I was desperate to get his room sorted out as I had no storage for any of his clothes or supplies so my husband used his paternity leave as time to decorate the room.  We decided to go for plain, cream walls as the material was quite a statement.

The first job was to renovate a chest of drawers that my parents had given us.  These drawers had been in my nursery and in my uncle’s nursery so were old and in dire need of a bit of tender loving care!  We chose some bright blue paint to match some bookcases that we already had from Ikea.  We replaced the drawer knobs with the ones shown in the picture above.  I’d been looking all over the internet for something suitable and in the end I found The Prim Patch.  I e-mailed her a picture of the material we were using and she as inspired to create these drawer knobs – aren’t they fab!

Look out for more posts showing the things I’ve made for baby B’s nursery!


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