Five Things Friday: Crayon Art Ideas

I love the effects that you can get with wax crayons but I hate the feel of them – I dread using them with my class at school!  Here’s some lovely ideas I’ve found to inspire you to create some crayon art to hang on your walls.

1. I love the textured effect that Created by Laurie has achieved with this one.

2. Leslie Loves Make Up has this chevron inspired idea.


3. JKCreate has this flowers design on Etsy.

Melted Umbrella Crayon Art with Silhouette (Not Customized)

4. Lightandspoon has this idea for a rainy scene.

Peacock Melted Crayon Art

5. Rachelaxelrad has this beautiful peacock design for sale on Etsy.


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Crayon Art Ideas

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