Five Things Friday: Button crafts

One of my favourite memories of my childhood was visiting my grandma and ‘sorting out’ her sewing basket.  I would helpfully organise everything so that she could find it more easily when she was tackling her next project.      I thought I was being really helpful, but maybe the reason the sewing basket was always such a mess was because she could never find anything once I’d ‘tidied’ it!  The best bit was playing with the button box which was an old tobacco tin filled with all sizes, shapes and colour of button that you could imagine!  Here’s some ideas for using buttons in creative ways.

Button Stamps

1. I love this Martha Stewart idea for making a button print on gift wrap.


2. Knoop has this bowl that can be made by gluing buttons onto a balloon then popping the balloon once the glue is dry.

Vibrant Button Tree on Canvas

3.  Crafts by Amanda has this button tree on canvas.

4.  Love this idea for a rainbow themed greeting card from The Crafty Corgi.

teal, grey and navy button necklace

5.  Button Jewellery has this necklace for sale but I reckon it wouldn’t be too difficult to create something similar.


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