30th Birthday Card

My baby sister celebrated her 30th birthday a little while ago which makes me feel incredibly old! She took ages trying to decide what she wanted for her birthday so I got on with making a card ready for our family weekend away in the countryside to celebrate.

I drew around the bottom of a glass dish and then cut round using a craft knife – it’s amazing what you find when you search through the drawers in the spare bedroom; who knew there was a craft knife and a pile of origami paper in there!    I then glued a piece of the origami paper on the back to cover up the hole.  I used the leftover disc to draw round my number stencils to create the number 30.

Looks slightly like a test for colour blindness, but quite effective nevertheless!

It turned into a very exciting weekend as she got engaged to her boyfriend!  So much to look forward to this year!


One thought on “30th Birthday Card

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