Five Things Friday: Quilting Projects I’m in Love With!

I’m really inspired with quilt making now I’ve had a couple of goes at making my own.  You can see my first attempt here and my Sunshine Baby Quilt here.   I want to try something a bit more complicated as a challenge and I’m completely in love with these ideas.

1.  Blue Elephant Stitches has a tutorial for this amazing quilt.  I think it would take a whole bunch of patience to make it but the finished result would be well worth it!

2.  Freda’s Hive has this idea for a picnic quilt.  What a great way to use up lots of bits from the scrap stash!

3. Gwenny Penny has this patchwork cushion.  It would be really easy to adapt the colours for different seasons.

4. The Polka Dot Umbrella has this cute bunting quilt, perfect for a newborn.

5. Jiulibooli has this patchwork chair – possibly a bit much of a challenge for me at the moment!


One thought on “Five Things Friday: Quilting Projects I’m in Love With!

  1. Thought I’d have a peek at your blog and just this first page has got me talking to my computer, lots of “oooohs” and “aaaahs” 🙂 I’ve made two quilts, am currently making another and have three more planned, it’s totally addictive! x


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