Five Things Friday: Pom Pom Crafts

I used to love making pom poms; there was something so satisfying about all that wrapping up of wool then a bit of magic and voila a lovely, squishy pom pom to play with.   Here’s five ideas to use them for, though you might get fed up of making pom poms!
1. Hercuteness has this pom pom curtain which is a novel take on the old beaded curtains from the 70s!
 Yarn pom pom place card holders from imeon design
2. Imeon Design has these placeholders, I think they’re so cute!
3.Beaucoup Vintage has this great idea for adding a little interest to some gift wrapping.
4. Apartment Therapy has this rug for a hallway – I just love the combination of colours.
Pom pom rug by Lana Le
5.  Pom Pom Emporium has this rug.  Wouldn’t it be nice to curl up on that with a glass of red in front of a roaring fire!

3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Pom Pom Crafts

  1. Oh doesn’t that rug look cozy! A fluffy, soft, warm, plushy – the adjectives are endless….. I also really love the pompom version of the dated bead curtains. As a kid I hung them in my bathroom doorway and after about a week I tied them back and they became more of the useless crap that cluttered the rest of my room. Why? They hit the door everytime it opened and closed, it was loud and awful; this is the solution I needed so many years ago!!!
    Brilliant topic – I love that you looked for pom pom ideas.


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