Tracking Stats in my Blog Bullet Journal

Tracking Stats in my Bullet Journal.jpg

I have previously written about moving into a bullet journal solely for my blog.  This has proved really useful as I only write my blog when I’m at home so don’t need to refer to this information when I’m out and about.

Although WordPress, the blogging platform that I use, allows you to look at your stats in a fair amount of detail, I’m a number geek and I wanted to look at my progress and review which posts brought the most traffic.

I created this grid in the front of my blog bullet journal which just deals with the numbers.  I’m really pleased with my monthly figures.  Since I made the decision at the start of the year to devote more attention to this blog, I’ve seen visitor numbers increase at a much faster rate.  I think this is down to two main reasons.  Firstly, a regular posting schedule has raised my presence on the WordPress reader and secondly, promoting my posts on Instagram.  Annoyingly the stats breakdown on WordPress doesn’t identify the traffic arriving from Instagram.  I decided to add a page that visitors who click on the link in my bio land on that will then guide them to other areas of my site such as the index of bullet journal posts.

Tracking Blog Stats Yearly overview.jpg

Numbers are all well and good, but it’s essential to look at the trends, try to understand them and act on the results.  For the first two months of the year, these are the results.

Tracking Blog Stats January Review.jpg

As a result my findings from January I’ve made more of an effort to pin my pictures on Pinterest to increase traffic from that source.  I can see the results on my February page where the traffic has more than doubled from that source.  Thanks to Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine, lots of people have discovered my site.

Tracking Blog Stats February Review.jpg

I created the Instagram landing page part way through February, so it will be interesting to see what effect this has in March.

I now need to start looking at least popular days and posts in an effort to see what I need to develop or drop or if I haven’t publicised something enough.

Do you track the stats on your blog?  Do you do more than look at the numbers?  How do you use them to to develop your blog?