Wedding Inspiration

The table plan

At the weekend I went a close friend’s wedding; it was a beautiful day and it was so lovely to see the happy couple having a great time surrounded by family and friends.  As I was uploading photos from the camera I started looking at the photos from our special day last year.  I made a lot of the decorations for the day gaining inspiration from the internet so I thought I would add my crafty designs here to perhaps give some of that inspiration back!  The aqua blue I used matched the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses and the pink and silver were used in their accessories and flowers.


I spent hours stamping out those confetti hearts in our colours!  The menus on the table were the same as our invitations.  The wild flower seed hearts came from ebay, we used them as placecards.  My sister made the beaded wires to go around the candles; after the wedding we took all the beads off and my sister upcycled them into some jewelery to remind me of my special day.

Beaded candles


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