I can’t wait for the post to come!

Normally I’m not here during the day when the post is delivered so I never really get very excited about it arriving; it’s just there on the doormat when I arrive home.  As I pick it up and discover that it’s just a pile of boring white envelopes with windows with a typed address I give in to the feeling that there’s nothing exciting there and leave it on the kitchen worktop so that my husband can deal with it later; it’s a game he also plays if he gets home first!
Now if there’s a letter there which is hand-written it gets opened straight away as it’s bound to be something exciting.  The same thing happens if it’s a parcel, but there’s rarely any of those!
I give many of the things I make as gifts to friends and family and I wanted a way of showing them that whatever gift I gave them had been handmade.  I liked the idea of being able to attach a ribbon to a craft item or to be able to finish off wrapping up a batch of baking with something that showed it was from me.
Handcrafted to
I found these ribbons here and was able to personalise them.  I had been annoyed that I ordered them just before we start having a run of Bank Holidays as I couldn’t wait for the post to come and thought that they’d take ages!  I couldn’t believe that they arrived today when I only ordered them on Sunday.  I’ve been excitedly sewing them into the crafty bits I’ve made recently! I’ll upload proper pictures of this make-up bag another day.

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