Five Things Friday: Exercise Apps

If you’re like me and your mobile phone always seems to be somewhere about your person, you’ve got the perfect personal trainer available at the touch of a button.  The apps I’ve recommended below are all free and I’ve tried them all,  I’ve referred to their ability on the Apple App Store and they may also be available for Android.  Here’s five phone apps that will help you to get moving:

Yoga for Beginners – This app contains a number of short Yoga programmes that are easily accessible. There’s a little picture of the yoga posture and some unobtrusive background music. There’s no description of how to get into each pose, but the pictures make it quite obvious what to do. Developed by Fast Builder Limited and available for free in the App store.

C25K – This app deserves the credit for helping me to start my running journey towards running a half marathon. It’s great if you need the discipline of not running too far and too fast in your first attempts.  It provides a structured programme and a great community noticeboard where you can get advice.  Developed by Zen Labs and available for free in the App store.

Seven: 7 minute workout –  I tried this, but couldn’t get on with it!  But I love the idea of a 7 minute workout that can be fitted easily into your day.  Developed by Perigee and available for free in the App store.

HIIT – These workouts can be as short as 4 minutes so you could fit them in during an ad break!  There’s a bit more variety to the programmes on this one.  Developed by Fast Builder Limited and available for free in the App store.

Nike training –  More than 185 free workouts across a range of different exercise types.  Try a new type of activity and you may find a new love!  Developed by Nike, Inc and available for free in the App store.

If you’re struggling for ideas or motivation to get you moving each day read my January prompts here or follow me on Instagram to get a gentle nudge in your newsfeed each day.

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