Planning my Blog Posts in my Bullet Journal

At the end of each year I write a list of things that I’ve enjoyed doing during that year. I then compare the list to previous years to see if there’s activities that I’ve missed or things that have naturally fallen by the wayside.

Blogging was one of the things that I’d really enjoyed in the past but, with a new job last year, it had become neglected. I enjoy the writing process and the interaction with others with similar interests. My Instagram account allows me to do this but is so image focused. I decided it was time to get back into blogging.

I’m learning to set myself small, achievable targets and not to beat myself when I don’t achieve them – it’s just a blog, right. I decided to set myself a target of posting every Friday, going back to the ‘Five Things Friday’ that I’ve used in the past and, to make creating content slightly easier, I decided to link it to the themes of my Mental Health prompts on my Instagram.

I’m always better at completing goals if I make a plan and write it down so my bullet journal has a few collections dedicated to gathering ideas and tracking the process from thoughts through to published blog post. The photo above shows the tracker that I’m using to track the progress of posts each month.

This is part of a double page spread that contains my ideas for the posts through the course of a month. I’m adding to this as inspiration strikes!

This is my double page spread showing the whole month. It contains my posting schedule and a reminder each day to spread some love by leaving comments on other blogs and Instagram feeds. There are boxes beside each task that I shade if it’s completed or write ‘S’ if a post is written and scheduled.

My next task will be to create a similar spread to the first tracking my bullet journal related posts.

How do you plan your blog content?

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