Secret Letter Project

In the summer of 2017, I scrolled past a post on Facebook about the ‘Secret Letter Project’ and I was intrigued. I clicked through and discovered that it was a great way to spread a little happiness each day. The idea is that you leave a positive little note in a public place for someone to find. During August 2017, which was the month where lots of people across the world got involved, I left a note wherever we went each day using the printable template on the organiser’s website.

The process of writing the letters was interesting. I noticed that I was writing to complete strangers what I perhaps needed to hear myself. I also thought carefully about where to leave each one; making sure I left them where I might want/ need to find them. The whole process made me feel like I was doing good, which in turn had a positive effect on my mood and my mental health. When people posted their finds on Instagram using the #secretlettersproject hashtag it put a smile on my face for the rest of the day!

As a part of my efforts this year to improve my mental health through posting helpful prompts for others on my Instagram feed, I thought it was the perfect time to repeat this little project. Rather than hiding a letter every day, and feeling bad if I didn’t manage it, I’ve instead decided to keep a couple of postcards in my bag all the time with little messages written on them so that I can leave one if I get the opportunity to.

When I was writing them before I sometimes got a bad case of writers block, so this time I decided that it would be really useful to have a collection of ‘happiness’ quotes in my bullet journal so that I could easily refer to them (and not fall into the rabbit hole that is Pinterest in the process of looking for inspiration!).

It’s really easy to get involved; a bit of paper and a pen and you’re away!

Where would you leave a secret letter?

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