Five Things Friday: Ways to Get Activity Into Your Day

It’s so easy to say that you haven’t got time to fit exercise into your day, we’ve all done it at some point in our lives! It may be true to say that we haven’t got time to fit in a marathon training plan but, if you’ve got time to scroll, you’ve got time to be active.

Here’s five ways to get activity into your day without having to think about it too much:

1. Daily commute – walk to a bus stop a little further away from your home, engage your core muscles or have a little dance to the radio each time you stop at traffic lights, or get on your bike for a couple of journeys each week. Add it in gradually and it’ll become a habit before you know it.

2. Breaks during the working day – offer to walk to the kitchen to make drinks for colleagues, take the stairs instead of the lift or go for a walk around the block during your lunch break. You’ll find you’re more focused and productive afterwards.

3. Cooking meals – pick up a couple of tins of food and lift some weights or dance to the radio as you stir. It’ll make cooking meals more fun too!

4. Household tasks – hoover, dust, clean the bathrooms. Set a timer, it’s amazing how quickly you work, and how quickly it’s over, when you’re trying to beat an alarm!

5. Ad break activity – rather than using the remote control to race through the ads, take the opportunity to get up and dance to the music in the ads, do some star jumps or race around the room having a three minute tidy.

If you need some inspiration to get moving have a look at my January prompts here or follow me on Instagram to get a gentle motivational nudge in your newsfeed each day!

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2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Ways to Get Activity Into Your Day

  1. I love cleaning as exercise. Every time I feel like a sloth, this is the sure fire way to keep moving and get some steps in (not to mention, benefit of having a sparkly clean home).

    Great post; thanks for sharing!


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