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As I’ve already told you, countless times, my bullet journal is my lifesaver.  It’s keeps me organised and productive.  At the beginning of the year I decided that I was going to dedicate more time to grow my blog.  In order to do that I needed to become more consistent in my posting and publicising routine.  This decision was crying out for some pages in my bullet journal.  I wanted to create a set of goals, plan my posts and review my progress each month.  To begin with I designed the page below that allowed me to track the posts I planned to write and what stage in the publishing process they were each at.

Orignal blog plan in normal bullet journal

I realised that my general bullet journal wasn’t perhaps the right place for this kind of planning and reviewing as I didn’t think my journal was going to last all that long (I’ve been proved right; it’s only lasted for four months) so I created a separate blog bullet journal in a bright pink hardback notebook from our local supermarket.

I started by creating a page listing my goals for 2016.  This keeps me focused and reminds me of where I want to be by the end of the year.  The views/ visitor goals were based on my statistics from previous years with a bit added on to give me something to aim for.

Blog goals 2016

I’d noticed that there were a lot more stages that I wanted to track in the publishing process than I’d originally allowed for so I created a slightly different version of the post planner to the one that I had in my general bullet journal.  This allowed me to see where I was with each post throughout the month and referred me back to my ‘to dos’ page where I keep an ongoing list of the tasks that need completing in relation to my blog.  I love seeing all those completed boxes – but realise I need to get better at publicising my posts.

Jan Blog Post Planner

I’d decided early on that I wanted to review my progress on a monthly basis.  This is going to allow me to see what has been popular, what needs work and where the majority of my traffic comes from.  It irks me that you can’t tell how much of your traffic comes from Instagram, so I created an Instagram ‘landing page’ which allows me to see who is clicking on the link in my Instagram bio.  As you can see,  Five Things Friday: Bullet Journal Inspiration was the most popular post and my top source of traffic was the lovely Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine.

January Blog Review


As we moved through January I realised that I only really looked at my blog bullet journal when I knew a post needed writing. So I created some repeating task flags for my blog tasks which I stuck into my daily list of tasks and served the purpose of referring me back to my blog bujo.  I also found that I needed some way of tracking and planning my social media posts so I now keep this in my general bullet journal so that I can look at it and do something about it on a daily basis.

February social media planner


All of these trackers and collections have helped.  I’m posting more regularly and I’ve seen a huge increase in the number of views and visitors and I’m building quite a following on Instagram.

How do you keep track of your blog posts?  Do you think any of these ideas would help?












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