The 2 Minute Rule

With two little people (and one much bigger one) to look after and organise, I’m finding time management and getting things done tough to organise.  I’ve instituted a new rule – the 2 minute rule. I saw this written about in the free magazine I pick up from my local supermarket.

If I see or think of a job that takes two minutes or less to complete I have to do it there and then.  When I read it, I thought ‘that’s so obvious, why aren’t I doing it already?’

Once I consciously started doing it I noticed that it has had a number of positive effects:

1.  Stuff gets done – surprisingly enough.  Tasks don’t sit there glaring at me, making me feel guilty, but they are done and I can bask in the glory of achievement!

2. I don’t get annoyed with myself for not having done tasks – they’re done,

3. I don’t have to remember stuff.  With my terrible case of baby brain, I can’t keep a thought in my head for more than a moment and if I try, I start forgetting other things (where did I leave the baby – just kidding!).

4. The house is tidier – it’s amazing how quickly you can tidy around a room or put the clean stuff from the dishwasher away while you’re waiting for a baby bottle to sterilise in the microwave.

5. The toddler is following my example – he tells me ‘just a minute, mummy, I’ve got to put this jigsaw away before I can play with my castle’.  Well – he did it once, but baby steps, eh!

Try it for yourself – it’s amazing how much you can fit into your day!


One thought on “The 2 Minute Rule

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