Three Cakes for a Three Year Old 


Toddler B is 3. I’m not entirely sure how that has happened. It can’t have been three years ago that I was ‘enjoying’ Eurovision and said to my husband ‘I feel a bit funny’ only to give birth six hours later, albeit 6 weeks earlier than planned!

The toddler has a better social life than I do at the moment so many cakes were needed to make sure all his friends and family got a piece. 

The cupcakes shown above were made using my go to cupcake recipe. They were made for Toddler B to take to his childminder’s to share with the little people. They were meant to have them with their lunch, but Toddler B was so excited to share them that pester power won by break time!

The second cake was a cheat, not enough hours in the day to make this one! A chocolate tray bake from a local supermarket which he enjoyed with his playmates at nursery and excitedly told me about on the walk home.

Cake number 3 was created for his birthday party. His birthday always falls in the same week as the Spring Bank Holiday in England so we invite family and friends for a barbecue on the Sunday afternoon. This year we chickened out and decided to just do a buffet as the weather forecast wasn’t looking very friendly. Of course, on the day, there were a couple of spots of rain in the morning but it turned out fine, so frustrating!

The cake was the result of a conversation with the toddler earlier in the week. We’d been looking at Pinterest for some inspiration and he’d decided that he had two requests. He wanted chocolate and big. This, I thought, I can manage! 

A large chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate decorations was produced and enjoyed at his party. I thought it looked huge and was worried about how much of it would be left over for us to work our way through, but then I realised just how many people we’d invited and was very glad that it was so big!  All that remained was a couple of slices which we saved for his actual birthday. Magic! 


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