My Bullet Journal Journey: The First Month – Collections

Collections Walk Through Dec 2015.jpg

Last week I showed you the pages that I couldn’t live without during my first month of bullet journaling. This week I’m going to share some of my collections with you.

I use my collections for lists/ planning events and projects/ notes from meetings- anything that doesn’t fit into the monthly or weekly pages.  The bit I love most about the Bullet Journal is that everything is in one place so it’s always to hand and, because I’m making good use of a contents page at the front, I can find it easily.

Today I bring you a walk through of the collections I’ve created so far starting with the all inportant index:

index page.jpg

I’ve got a page of inspirational quotes:

quotes page.jpg

A page to track ideas for meals that I know the toddler will eat (well normally eat!):

Meal ideas.jpg

My November habit tracker page – look at all those ticks!

November Habit tracker.jpg

I’ve then got three pages of goals, one each for home, blog and work:

Home goals.jpg  Blog goals.jpg  work goals.jpg

I then reviewed my month and used this to set goals for the next month:

November review.jpg

Do you use anything similar in your bullet journal?  What do you find most useful in your quest for an organised life?

Next week I’ll share with you some of the ideas I trialled for a weekly layout.